4 Pro tips on how to run a large networking meeting with Zoom Apps installed, where attendees are joining from various organizations — for example a career fair, speed dating, online classes, and more.

Shuffle by Glimpse: AI-Powered Breakout Room Mingling

A week ago we told you about our favorite new apps for Zoom. This new wave of Zoom Apps are embedded directly into your desktop application (mobile coming soon).

If you tried some already, you likely encountered a few challenges. Here’s our pro tips to make everything run smoothly!!

Tip #1: Get Pre-Approval

What is pre-approval? By default, nobody can install any app into Zoom. Everyone must request permission, or…

One week ago Zoom Apps went LIVE. They can be used in any meeting, including virtual events. This will walk through our favorite 3 with a bonus 4th app coming soon.

What is a Zoom App? Zoom Apps are embedded into your desktop Zoom app, and enhance your experience. The screenshots below should help clarify :)

1. Heyyo Chat — Supercharged In-Meeting Messaging

In large calls attendees will be stuck mostly in the chat. This can make it hard to feel engaged, and can make it challenging as a host to stay motivated. Heyyo is expressive: full of emotes, reactions, and more. …

By: Helena Merk, co-founder, and CEO of Glimpse

👋 Hello! Today we’re excited to announce Glimpse is working with Zoom. We’re launching an App for Zoom to superpower your chat: Heyyo Chat.

I probably don’t have to tell you that dating apps kinda suck. For me, it boils down to two main problems:
(1) swipe superficiality, and
(2) awkward post-match engagement.

Source: Tenor

Apps like Hinge and Monet have iterated on problem #1, changing the matching process with questions and drawings, respectively. They have yet to solve #2 and lack market adoption in general. Other approaches include focusing on specific markets — for example, LGBTQ+ dating apps like HER, offer community angles with a focus on acceptance. Some try to increase the market size by adding “looking for friends” as a filter

Despite everything…

While building our weekly coding cabana hack, we realized we’d need wildcard subdomain redirects. A guide like this would have made the infra piece take 10 minutes — I hope this helps you with your project!

Here’s what we built:

Zoom With Me: Custom Zoom Invites!

Anyone can register their custom slug and upload a thumbnail to customize links they send.

For example, Elon’s is elon.onzoom.me (Elon, if you’re reading this please claim your link).

🔢 To Build Your Own…

This guide will cover creating the wildcard subdomain portion of our hack and is intended for people with at least a basic understanding of AWS.

Here’s the 4 steps:

  1. Register Your…

Especially remotely, community building is a top concern for students and faculty. This is even more important for special interest groups, honors programs, and scholarship recipients. Texas A&M is no different.

Our goal with this event was to help students interact more with people in the Engineering Honors community. Given the pandemic, meeting new people and building a social network has become difficult.

— Vicente Trevino, TAMU ‘22

Texas A&M Engineering Honors Program Uses Glimpse

How did you plan your event?

Two members of the Professional Development Committee, Juniors Ahona Jabbar and Vicente Trevino decided to make the best of a remote world, and host a virtual speed networking event!

They started investigating…

Exactly a year ago today, I posted about taking time off of Duke to join a startup in MV. Since then, I left to run Glimpse full-time after receiving funding from Y Combinator and joining the W20 batch.

YCW20’s first dinner — yes! it was in person.

My original article has resurfaced due to COVID, leading to more than 2 calls a day with students questioning higher academia. While I love calling and discussing if dropping out of school makes sense for you, I hope answers to the most common questions will help you decide on your next steps.

The 6 Most Common Questions I Receive

“How did you know your idea was good enough to…

group video chats are awkward

There’s 16 of us on a zoom birthday call, all of us love the birthday girl to death, yet nobody talks. We’re celebrating her 21st over video 👯‍♂️. We don’t all know each other, and even banter is just plain awkward 🌮. The worry about interrupting others results in nobody talking.


When done incorrectly, group calls are so exhausting the feeling has created a phrase coined: “Zoom Fatigue.”

If the dreaded fatigue has not hit yet, check out my 4 tips below. If it has, maybe these will reverse the effects! …

women hosting events
credit: unsplash.com

Glimpse is the app that will spice up all of your online social events 🥳.

Perfect for any group, from 4 to 400,000 to get to know each other at a deeper level.

You match 1-on-1 via video for 2 minutes at a time.

This post will include:

  1. Effortless setup
  2. Event Suggestions
  3. Customization Features

Effortless Setup

  1. Visit joinglimpse.com and make an account.
  2. Give your room a fun name and description
  3. Click “copy invite” and share the link with everyone you want to invite!

Event Types

Still not sure? Here’s some types events we’ve elevated already:

  • Happy Hours: from office happy hours, to Y Combinator…

Your 5-part guide to becoming the ultimate virtual happy hour host

After Zoom birthday parties, virtual happy hours are proving to be the growing meme emerging from a chaotic March. CEOs and bored parents alike are searching for ways to maintain community and high-spirits despite distance and worrying headlines.

We are all new to this, so here at Glimpse we’ve compiled a guide to hosting a fun virtual happy hour to keep those real-life friendships alive. Virtual events can create a special atmosphere that give you a glimpse into parts of friends’ lives that you don’t always see.

1. Take ownership

Hosting an IRL event is hard work! And to our surprise, so is…

Helena Merk

Founder @ Glimpse. I love building, creating, hacking. I believe everyone who wants to create, should have the means to do so too. joinglimpse.com

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